What is a Container? Why use one?

Just as the name implies, a container is a large steel box made from corrosion resistant Cortan steel. At Container Mobility, we can provide you with a variety of sizes, including 10’, 20’ or 40’ containers and each can be modified to suit your individual storage or shipment needs. There is no need to worry about your goods or belongings when you use our containers because they are made with corrosion resistant steel that meet ISO standards.

Each container is water tight, and pest proof, which means you won’t have to worry about any damage to your contents while they are being shipped or stored.

If you’re storing extra items, shipping overseas or moving offices or homes, using a container from Container Mobility is the best choice for many reasons:

  • Cost savings – Containers are an affordable solution to your storage and moving needs. Because they’re available in many sizes, you can eliminate the need for multiple storage units, or more than one moving truck.
  • Easy to use – Our unique crane trucks deliver the container exactly where you need it for ground level loading. There are no ramps, stairs or lifts to worry about.
  • Convenient – We will deliver and pick up the container on your schedule, so you can keep your plans on schedule.
  • Safety – There’s no need to rent bulky, oversized moving vans that you need to drive yourself. Simply load on ground level and call for pick up. We’ll deliver it exactly where you need it.
  • Security – Our containers are tamper resistant, water and pest proof and can withstand the elements so you know that once you lock it, your goods are safe.